Mikraoth Gedoloth

Jonathan D. Safren yon_saf at bezeqint.net
Thu Jun 7 14:56:36 EDT 2001

Hi Randall,
I was unable to fnd the Keter Miqraot Gedolot, hard copy or CD-ROM, on the
Bar-Ilan website, and it's unavailable in the rustic town of Kefar-Sava ,
though we have both Keter and Torat Hayyim (published by Mosad Harav Kook)
in our college library.
Could you please supply the web address of the Keter publisher?
Jonathan D. Safren
Dept. of Biblical Studies
Beit Berl College
Beit Berl Post Office
44905 Israel
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> shalom,
> Bar Ilan's Keter series of miqraot gedolot is available both as
> hard copy and as electronic. The series has
> Bereshit and Yohshua  to YeHezqel, so far.
> For the Torah, Rav Qoq has a hard copy 7 vol. series that
> is excellent and the only one to recommend at present.
> Blessings,
> Randall Buth
> Jerusalem
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