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At 06-06-2001 21:12 Henry Churchyard <churchh at> wrote:

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>>> From: rdehoop at writes:
>>> In this case, however, only the literary Solomon is known to exist.
>> Is anyone else reminded of that analysis of English source criticism:
>> The plays of Shakespeare were not written by Shakespeare; they were
>> written by someone else at that time with the same name.
> There's a classical logical conundrum that goes something like this:
> Suppose the only thing we know about Homer is that he wrote the Iliad.
> Then what would it mean to say that "The Iliad wasn't written by Homer,
> but by another man with the same name."?

These replies demonstrate that quoting only one phrase out of context is a
rather precarious matter. At first it appears that I wrote the clause, which
was quoted above. However, I could not remember that I wrote it, and
otherwise - in case I did - it was quoted absolutely out of the context of
my argument.

It appears, however, that the phrase was from the message which I received
from Thomas Thompson and which I forwarded to the list. So, in case one
wants to reply to a message, may I ask to quote more carefully?

Moreover, even if it was not my clause, I do not feel that this reaction
does justice to Thomas' argument with regard to the historicity of Solomon.


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