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> The revelation given in the Davidic Covenant was thus applicable more to 
> mankind generally 

I don't see any indication that this is supported by the text anywhere.  The 
Davidic Covenant was about the dynasty ruling a kingdom. What prpohets made 
of it later is something different.  (I'm now reading Frank Moore Cross' 
_Canaanite Myth and Hebrew Epic_  and he discusses the topic at length, 
Chapter 9, pp. 219-273.)

Perhaps verses 19-21 can be split differently:

Moreover you regarded this as minor, my lord Y-HWH;
   and have promised Your servant's dynasty for the future.
This is [Your] law for mortals, my lord Y-HWH;
   and what more can David say to you?
since You have acknowledged your servant, my lord Y-HWH;
   In Your words and intent You having done this great thing of recognizing 
Your servant.

But of course, it may also be that the II Samuel text has been "corrected" 
(prior to LXX) and the I Chronicles text is more original albeit corrupted.  
Perhaps the intent is more something like "You will cause me to be seen as a 
person lifted up", or more idiomatically, "You will see to it that I am an 
exalted personage."  (Note BHS comment on watar'eni instead of ur'ithani.)

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