Re- Deep/waters

ian goldsmith iangoldsmith1969 at
Tue Jul 31 06:41:09 EDT 2001

The 'deep','thwm' seems more nebulous than 'the
waters'. In the 20 times that 'thwm' appears in the OT
it never has the article and is mysterious in
understanding exactly what it means. It appears to
mean deep,abyss,tumult,billow perhaps even foundation.

Also where it is used here with 'darkness' this hasn't
the article either and receives it later along with
'light' etc.
The depths of the ocean are dark, but understanding
'thwm' better may explain the mystery of the missing
article. It is a very poetic and descriptive word.
Waters on the other hand is far more familiar and easy
to label.
Isaiah 51:10 and Job 28:14 are worth a look.
Sorry can't help any more, interesting question

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