Exodus 3:14 again (long)

Charles David Isbell cisbell at home.com
Fri Jul 20 20:17:28 EDT 2001


Thanks for an interesting post.  In response to one point you make, I have a
particular interest.  "SB: But surely the fact that the designation is never
used again suggests very strongly that we should NOT take seriously the
implication that His name is 'ehyeh?"
I want to call to your attention two articles of mine from long ago in which
I tried to show that )hyh is in fact an allomorph of yhwh in several other
places.  They are:  "Initial 'Alef-Yod Interchange and Selected Biblical
Passages," Journal of Near Eastern Studies 37 (1978): 3,227-236; and "The
Divine Name )hyh As A Symbol of Presence in Israelite Tradition," Hebrew
Annual Review 2 (1978), 101-118.  I will be interested to learn if you think
I made my case or not.
Shabbat Shalom,

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