Jeremiah 8 v8b

ian goldsmith iangoldsmith1969 at
Wed Jul 18 12:39:49 EDT 2001

Dear b.hebew.
I'm a bit new at this, so please excuse any obvious
gaps in knowledge but....
What is the best grammatical, contextual and literal
translation of Jeremiah 8v8b? I know this is more than
one question but I'm hoping to get as many views as
This seems a controversial text to construct and has
many variant translations. ''Surely, behold'' seems
straight forward but, ''l$qr '&h '+ $qr sprym" seems
This verse is used by some to suggest that Jeremiah
believed the Torah to contain scribal errors.

p.s Can anyone suggest further reading on the Old
Testament that deals in depth with the variously held
views of the history of the text itself.

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