2nd or 3rd Isaiah

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In the 1QIsa there is no indication of a division between chapters 39 and
40. There is however a small break in the text between chapter 33 and 34
which probably indicated that Isaiah was written on two scrolls and was
divided at this point. 
R. K. Harrison discusses this in his _Introduction to the Old Testament_.
p. 786-793

At 12:29 PM 7/17/2001 -0400, you wrote:
>Dear b-Hebrew--
>This is directed to those who may know if, the Dead Sea Scroll of Isaiah
>shows that Isaiah was divided into a Deutero-Isaiah or possibly into a
>Tri-Isaiah. I do know if this subject has been treated before; and if so,
>where might the answer be.                
>Thanks to all,
>John Carras
>jhonhar at juno.com
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