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Søren Holst sh at
Tue Jul 17 03:16:25 EDT 2001

Well, outta simple curiosity I too would have appreciated a footnote in the
relevant place in the JPS version. But then annotation is an open-ended
activity - where do you stop? The addition IS in noticably smaller print -
corresponding to the practice of including it in some Hebrew Bibles in
unpointed Hebrew characters (see e.g. the recent "Biblia Hebraica
Leningradensia" which prides itself on being the most accurate edition of
the Leningrad MS, although "adapted to fit halakhic rulings" or words to
that effect).

I would be careful to claim that ANY absurdity is "not ... acceptable in a
christian translation". Unacceptable to you or me, perhaps, but that's not
to say that it might not occur. How about the persistent inclusion of John
7,53-8,11 in christian bibles?

kol tuv
Soren Holst, Copenhagen

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> But it does seem strange that in the JPS "Tanakh" this verse is printed at
> the end, admittedly in a slightly smaller font size, with no footnote or
> other explanation either at that place or in the Preface - especially when
> this translation is otherwise so careful to note any departures from the
> Masoretic text. Far be it from me to criticise Jewish customs. But such a
> practice would certainly not be acceptable in a Christian translation
> Peter Kirk

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