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Tue Jul 17 00:04:06 EDT 2001

True, Peter, but I suppose that the majority of the target readers of the new
translation by the [i]Jewish[/i] Publication Society's Tanakh, "according to the
traditional Hebrew text," would understand.

Others have recourse to the scholars on b-hebrew.   :)

Solomon Landers

Peter Kirk wrote:

> But it does seem strange that in the JPS "Tanakh" this verse is printed at
> the end, admittedly in a slightly smaller font size, with no footnote or
> other explanation either at that place or in the Preface - especially when
> this translation is otherwise so careful to note any departures from the
> Masoretic text. Far be it from me to criticise Jewish customs. But such a
> practice would certainly not be acceptable in a Christian translation, and
> probably not (unless it could be argued that the author's intended meaning
> is actually better reflected in English by the amended version) in one done
> according to normal secular criteria.
> Peter Kirk

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