2 Ki 2:23-24

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No, I am claiming that G-d wrote it, not ancient writers, that the Torah is
much more than a literary work, and that every single letter is there for a
reason, and that the reason is not for variety.



Are you claiming that ancient BH writer(s) were incapable of free variation?
Is that a uniquely modern literary discovery? Is it not a acceptable
"reason" to use a particular word for literary/stylistic purposes alone?

(I am not intending to argue for free variation in this particular context
necessarily, but asking the larger question of whether it is possible in

Dan Wagner

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> In the Torah, every single word is there for a reason, even some words are
> missing letters, etc. - it is all very precise.
> You can't really have a full understanding by just brushing it off as
> "variety"
> Rashi says that his voice was that of a youth.
> I don't have all the commentators in front of me, nor would I be able to
> understand them all, but they do address this.
> Shoshanna

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