2 Ki 2:23-24

David Stabnow dstabno at lifeway.com
Mon Jul 16 13:21:31 EDT 2001

> Charles David Isbell wrote: What is wrong with the assumption that the
author was simply trying to avoid monotony, and used synonyms to make the
narrative flow?

> Shoshanna Walker wrote: In the Torah, every single word is there for a
reason, even some words are missing letters, etc. - it is all very precise.

We ought neither to dismiss too quickly word variation as meaningless, nor
go to absurd lengths to find differences in nuance that the author did not
intend.  If there is a difference in nuance between ne'arim qetanim and
yeladim that the author intended, then bring it out in translation and
interpretation.  If they are essentially synonymous in this context, and
the variation is merely stylistic, then leave it at that.  The danger would
be to approach the text with one of two extreme presuppositions: ALL
variation is meaningful, or ALL variation is merely stylistic.  While most
scholars have tendencies toward one or the other, we should all be aware of
both viewpoints and willing to investigate their proposals.

Dave Stabnow

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