diachronics and Dt priority

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Dear Vincent,
What's your order of the biblical writers?

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> Subject: diachronics and Dt priority
> i've now supplemented my work on diachronics (programmatic article to
> appear in JHS, any time i can get around to writing the abstract <sigh>).
> i can show that there is a law governing nunation correlating with the
> previous work: very nice. the diachronics show a steady directional loss
> of application....
> (does anyone know of something more recent than Tamar Zvi's book on
> nunation in semitics?)
> but, every time i pick up a book on bible, i find the ordering bass
> ackwards. it seems to me that if the priority of deuteronomy were taken
> seriously, we'd have quite a different picture in literary studies.
> but..., just what would be the consequences? anyone working on torah
> criticism want to lay out the scenario...? and what does it do to recent
> work arguing for a priority of P, when P so clearly falls in the late
> Persian/early Hellenistic period, linguistically...?
> sholom,
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