What other ancient Hebrew texts?

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> > In case you're interested in some additional material for the study of
> > meaning of (Biblical) Hebrew words, you will have to study some other
> > NW-Semitic languages, like Aramaic and Ugaritic.
> Most definitely.  Ugaritic has done a lot for my study of Hebrew,
> Aramaic (non-biblical kind) less so but still useful.  I found
> Akkadian negotiable; in some cases it seemed to shed a little light
> on the Hebrew language, but not much and not very often.  I spend
> almost no time in that one any more.  Your Mileage May Vary.
> Dave Washburn

Thanks for these answers, which were very useful.  I think maybe I ought to
leave the Ugaritic until after I've got past chapter five in the Teach
Yourself Hebrew.   Languages are like chocolates... it's really hard to stop
at just one<g>.

Karen Spray
(karen.spray at lineone.net)

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