Judges 12:13: "Outside"

John Barach jbarach at telusplanet.net
Wed Feb 28 01:12:48 EST 2001

B-Haverim --

In Judges 12:13 we're told that Ibzan had thirty daughters whom he gave
(in marriage) "outside" and that he brought in thirty daughters "from
outside" for his sons.

I understand that "outside" here refers (at least) to other clans, and
that these marriages are most likely political alliances.  But I'm
wondering if "outside" might indicate that he married his children to
Gentiles (i.e., "outside" Israel, not just "outside" his particular
family group or tribe).

I'm not even sure how to research a thing like that ... except for
asking you!  Any help you provide would be greatly appreciated.



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