High priest list in 1Chr 9 & Neh 11

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at mclink.it
Mon Feb 26 20:12:14 EST 2001

>Sara Japheth goes through all of this in excruciating detail
>in her commentary on Chronicles.

I've been in excruciating agony over these lists for many, many months!

Is the book relatively new? Would it be in a limited biblical bookshop now?
(There's one over near the Vatican which has a number of commentaries: it
even sometimes has a book I want, but not that often.) I gotta buy most of
the books I use.

>I think it's reasonable to view Meshallum and Shallum as the same.

Yes, so do I, but the difference is important in linking these two lists
together as coming from the same sub-tradition.


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