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Peter Kirk wrote:
> Jehu may have been poor by French standards, but he could afford a car as
> know he drove like a maniac (2 Kings 9:20 NRSV).
Peter, that's the simple meaning of the text! It explains why we Israeli
drive like maniacs even today.

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> Dear all,
> I'm glad that after my feeble attempt at humor, many collegues supported
> in various ways showing that humor is still among us. Moreover I'm glad
> certain jokes on this male dominated list have been "written by women"!
> However, now it has been demonstrated (against what I had expected) that
> cars are to be found in the Bible by their very names (Triumph and of
> the famous Chevy), I started looking whether the computers could be found
> also.
> Regrettably not, but tradition may help us! As we all know, sin came in
> world by Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden fruit: an Apple! Because
> this is still symbolized in the icon of this fatally attractive computer,
> must be historically reliable tradition. So, existing from the Big Inning,
> suppose that Deborah must have been working on an Apple too, and in her
> (sitting under her palm) I suppose it was instead of an iBook something
> an iTablet!
> Well, I'm waiting till someone is gonna demonstrate that the microwave
> did exist!
> Greetings,
> Raymond
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