Christine Bass christinebass at
Sat Feb 24 12:31:47 EST 2001

Re: "Great People and Great Mission"

My debate on this is tomorrow.
After reading Walter's perspective

below I thought I would include it---

It would be beneficial to have a comment from the Jewish perspective
particularly from some of you living in Israel.

Feel free to send it to me personally.

Todah Rabah!


Humanist Pespective: Walter Mattfield

        "Men are willing to live, fight, and die for myths, as witness the
current bloodbath in modern Israel
        between Jews and Arabs. 2500 years ago, these peoples' ancestors
contended with each other
        for control of the land, and they are at it again today. People are
dying because of a myth that a
        God set aside a piece of land to be theirs solely. Maybe, one day,
all will realize they need to put
        aside the myths that divide us from each other and live in brotherly
harmony and peace."

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