Biblical Humor

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Sat Feb 24 08:23:31 EST 2001

Dear all,

I'm glad that after my feeble attempt at humor, many collegues supported me
in various ways showing that humor is still among us. Moreover I'm glad that
certain jokes on this male dominated list have been "written by women"!

However, now it has been demonstrated (against what I had expected) that
cars are to be found in the Bible by their very names (Triumph and of course
the famous Chevy), I started looking whether the computers could be found
Regrettably not, but tradition may help us! As we all know, sin came in the
world by Adam and Eve eating from the forbidden fruit: an Apple! Because
this is still symbolized in the icon of this fatally attractive computer, it
must be historically reliable tradition. So, existing from the Big Inning, I
suppose that Deborah must have been working on an Apple too, and in her case
(sitting under her palm) I suppose it was instead of an iBook something like
an iTablet!

Well, I'm waiting till someone is gonna demonstrate that the microwave oven
did exist!


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