Biblical Humor

Christine Bass christinebass at
Fri Feb 23 14:15:19 EST 2001

"Biblical Humor"-----I can see it now at Barnes and Noble---
The best antidote to whatever ails you. Help for the Heart and the Soul,
A collaberative effort by BH scholars.

Raymond, Ian, Charles, Dave W., Bruce, Jonathan, and David S----
have all shown that Biblical scholars can  enjoy a few laughs in
creative word plays and puns.

I always thought Knee High Miah was the shortest man in the Bible---so
a little enlightenment has been imparted as well.

When you think of Jonah and what he must have looked like
after his time in the gastric juices----- his appearence must
have made an impression on his audience as he shouted, Repent!
A man both funny and scary at the same time.

Still chuckling,


> Sometimes if you put yourself into the Bible stories they are humorous
> without making puns out of them. I remember hearing a comedian put himself
> into the Jonah story:
> So you're walking along the beach minding your own business, and all of a
> sudden this big fish slides himself up on shore, pukes all over, and
> back into the water. Out of the slime and fish parts and seaweed, a man
> drags himself out, struggles, and stands up -- his clothes half digested,
> piece of seaweed stuck to the side of his face. He looks at you, coughs up
> some seawater, clears his throat, and says, "Repent!" What would you do? I
> know what I'd do: I'd repent!
> Dave Stabnow

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