Argumentum e silentio (trivial)

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But by the NT they had graduated to cricket: "Peter stood up among the
Eleven and was bowled".

Peter Kirk

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And of course the HB starts with a baseball game "In the big
inning," and the shortest man in the Bible was Bildad the Shuhite,
and Samson was such a great comic that he brought down the
house, and so on ;-)

> Humour is a bit hard to transmit over internet, Raymond. But let me just
> correct you about cars in the biblical accounts. There was at least one
> in the OT/HB: don't you remember when Moses blazed across the desert in
> Triumph? But then again, nobody knows that there is a game of tennis in
> OT/HB either: I'm sure everyone knows that Joseph served in the courts of
> pharaoh.
> Ian
> >Not a feeble attempt at reductio ad absurdum, but a feeble attempt at
> humor;
> >see the icon after the microwave oven remark. I am sorry that we
> >do not share the same sense of humor.

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