The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

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Thu Feb 22 14:41:19 EST 2001

Anyone want to offer an opinion on the value of the following book set? Is
the book going to be worth owning for a OT Scholar/Semitic language
specialist (not me, someone else) or is it just a set targeted at general

I really would like to hear from you on this one.



Title and Eisenbrauns Add:

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Archaeology in the Near East

We are able to once again offer this valuable 5 volume set which covers the
history, peoples, places, languages, and material cultural remains of the
inhabitants of the ancient Near Eastern world. Prepared under the auspices
of the American Schools of Oriental Research, under the general editorship
of Eric M. Meyers of Duke University, the Encyclopedia boasts the
cutting-edge scholarship of five hundred fifty experts in their respective

List price $595.00 Sale price $175.00 and free freight (via UPS--U.S. sales,
via Surface Mail--foreign sales).

Note: Eisenbrauns still has these in stock at this price. The free shipping
anywhere in the world brings the effective price down under $150 for
overseas orders. 

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