Written by Women.???

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at keyaccess.nl
Thu Feb 22 01:27:43 EST 2001

> Does it suggest they couldn't?  Arguments from silence always cut
> both ways.  And a queen, or a female judge a la Deborah, would
> likely have to know how to write.  I don't understand your reticence
> on this point.
> No, you didn't refer to literature.  You simply said "data that are at
> hand." And I really don't see where the burden of proof is on me,
> since you're the one making the claim.

With regard to the argument from silence, see my separate posting. My
retinence is based on the history of writing in the ANE.

Yes, I did refer to literature in my second posting (ANEP; ABD, vol.5) in
order to offer you the opportunity to chech the data to which I referred in
my first posting. 

Well, I provide you with the data, where you can find them. You're arguing
in favour of the contrary, so I am at least allowed to ask for some sollid
arguments which would prove the contrary. But if you do not have sufficient
arguments to prove your point, it's okay.


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