Written by Women.???

Christine Bass christinebass at home.com
Wed Feb 21 12:02:45 EST 2001

> > As I interpret the scriptures to say, they are inspired by God----and
> > written down by men.
> > Which is a bit of a different take on the subject. No?

> Can I believe my own eyes?!! "Written down by MEN"?? - and from you!

Yes!!! Believe it Samuel!
 Believe your own eyes, that is---(ahem)
that is exactly what I wrote.

Moses, for example, the Hebrew Scripture reads, met with God---and talked
with God----
and God told him what to say. It was given to him. By God. (Now that is what
the Hebrew Scripture says.)
This is what I mean by the term "inspired"---it was directed. The initiating
force was from God----it did not
originate from the mind of man.

Even stranger, __God  Himself Wrote__ a few things down  for Moses.......

"the tables were written on both their sides; on the one side and on the
other were they written.
And the tables were the work of God, and the writing was the writing of God,
graven upon the tablets."

(Genesis 32:15-16)

> From the very uninspired
> Samuel

I do love the name "Samuel"--asked of God----I gave my firstborn son this
name.  And, Samuel, please,  keep posting, ---I love having a variety
of perspectives, ----it adds spice to the list. :-)

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