Written by Women.???

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at keyaccess.nl
Wed Feb 21 09:30:55 EST 2001

> Raymond,
> Where did I mention the song?  Please read what I actually wrote.
> > We also have a female leader in Judges, to name just one more.

Well Dave. I am not supprised by your reaction, you must have some twenty
phrases of this kind as a standard format in your e-mail program. You even
use them to deny the implication of your words in case this is obvious to

But, I did misunderstand you? Please clarify which female leader you are
referring to, and what the implication is of this reference to a female
leader in a discussion on women writing if it is not Deborah and if it is
not the song? I just know of one female leader in Judges and I do not know
of the word "write" (ktb / spr) in connection to her.


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