Written by Women.???

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at keyaccess.nl
Wed Feb 21 09:30:52 EST 2001


> yes, but 
> we have female members of royal families, queens in Egypt and
> such, so I'm not sure a handful of pictures preserved by the whims
> of chance really tell us anything as definitive as you suggest.

Yes, we have female members in royal families. That is a very good
observation of you. Does that suggest that they could write?

> Once again, it's easy to say this sort of thing, but I'm still
> wondering about the "data" you mentioned.

Oh, yes, the data. I did refer to literature, didn't I? Just check it out,
check the bibliograpphy and in case the data provided there do not convince
you, put some convincing arguments forward in favour of the contrary
(please, based on DATA).


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