wayyiqtol, stabnow

Vincent DeCaen decaen at chass.utoronto.ca
Wed Feb 21 09:25:25 EST 2001

dear david,

very good question. i would say that to date there is no answer to such a
good question.

(1) either we simply don't understand the verbal system, specifically the
sequential system, as yet. there are more things in hebrew than are
dreamed of in our systems. of course, maybe someone schooled in Longacrean
discourse analysis could turn somersaults for you..... ;-)

(2) or maybe you might like to play with the text? ;-) for instance, your
two cases could be read W)MR instead of WY)MR and solve the problem. i've
come across a couple of qere/kethivs lately that involve kethiv WY)MR for
qere W)MR "and then I said" vs 3ms.... just a thought.

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