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What is the precise meaning of inspired?
I was trying to explain it to my class yesterday.
It's a Greek concept, isn't it, you're inspired by the Muses?
You breathe in something.

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> > A clarification is in order.
> >
> > My post was a satirical response---to the statement that Biblical
> > scholarship begins with the belief that the scriptures were written by
> men.
> > This comes under the heading, in my mind anyway, of "biblical
> > mythology"----the idea that men conceived and wrote scripture.
> >
> > As I interpret the scriptures to say, they are inspired by
> God----and were
> > written down by men.
> > Which is a bit of a different take on the subject. No?
> Can I believe my own eyes?!! "Written down by MEN"?? - and from you!
> Incidentally, as a further clarification, would you say the same for ALL
> scriptures, oracles etc. - or only the Judaeo-Christian ones?
> Your reference
> to 2 Peter is in some ways a little unfortunate. Almost all
> scholars outside
> of the totally fundamentalist camp agree that 2 Peter is not by
> the disciple
> Peter, both because of its clear literary dependence on the
> Letter of Jude,
> and the completely Hellenistic outlook of the author. That it claims to be
> by Peter while at the same time talking about prophetic
> inspiration does not
> inspire confidence  in the standpoint. "Inspiration" anyway is a very
> elastic word. Even secular poets are often described as
> "inspired", but from
> the way you express yourself, I take it you mean it as a synonym for
> "inerrant".
> >From the very uninspired
> Samuel
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