Written by Women.???

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Tue Feb 20 19:28:04 EST 2001

> > Your perception that men could not be creative and sensitive is just a
> > shortcoming in your education.
> Actually, it was an attempt at humor.......playing off the fact that
> people have been  commenting about being insulted about one thing
> or another. I thought I 'd throw another subject into the stew.
> This does appear to be a male dominated list.....
> However, I'm sure all of you men are sensitive and creative. :-)

I most definitely am, I can't speak for these other guys :-)

> >The fact that a woman is the main figure of a
> > novel does not imply that the writer is a woman.
> Yes, Raymond, I know.
> As Herman Melville wrote. "Ah humanity."

Some people just take themselves too seriously.  Anything I could 
say about that was already well spoken by Woody Allen.

Dave Washburn
"No study of probabilities inside a given frame can ever
tell us how probable it is that the frame itself can be
violated."  C. S. Lewis

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