Written by Women.???

Christine Bass christinebass at home.com
Tue Feb 20 14:47:48 EST 2001

A clarification is in order.

My post was a satirical response---to the statement that Biblical
scholarship begins with the belief that the scriptures were written by men.
This comes under the heading, in my mind anyway, of "biblical
mythology"----the idea that men conceived and wrote scripture.

As I interpret the scriptures to say, they are inspired by God----and were
written down by men.
Which is a bit of a different take on the subject. No?

See II Samuel 23: 1-2

"The spirit of the Lord spake unto me and his word was in my


II Peter 1:21--

"For prophecy came not in old time by the will of man:
but holy men of God spake as they were moved by
the Holy Ghost."

> Your perception that men could not be creative and sensitive is just a
> shortcoming in your education.

Actually, it was an attempt at humor.......playing off the fact that
people have been  commenting about being insulted about one thing
or another. I thought I 'd throw another subject into the stew.
This does appear to be a male dominated list.....

However, I'm sure all of you men are sensitive and creative. :-)

>The fact that a woman is the main figure of a
> novel does not imply that the writer is a woman.

Yes, Raymond, I know.

As Herman Melville wrote. "Ah humanity."



> Regards,
> Raymond


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