Written by Women.???

Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at keyaccess.nl
Tue Feb 20 14:16:28 EST 2001

Shalom Christine,

>> I think that real biblical scholarship BEGINS when we take the
>> various books as written by MEN,...
> Are you implying that WOMEN did not write the Hebrew Scriptures???

I've the impression that you took the quotation from Samuel's letter out of
its context. The contrast was made with God and/or spirit, not between male
and female!!!

> Do you realize how insulting this is to females!!!.
> What about the book of Ruth???? Or Esther?
> Now, those two  are romance novels if I ever saw one----
> no MEN could have written them!!!!
> Really, I think the whole Tanach shows far too much creativity and
> sensitivity
> to have been written by......mere MEN.

Your reaction is somewhat overdone in my view; however, it is nice to
provoke discussion in this way. So my reply to it is: I consider this kind
of statements to be a kind of simplistic sexism which is just build on your
personal experience not on scientific data and argumentation. The Hebrew
Bible had its origin in a world that was governed by men.
Your perception that men could not be creative and sensitive is just a
shortcoming in your education. The fact that a woman is the main figure of a
novel does not imply that the writer is a woman.





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