SHABUA in Dan 9:24-27

Brian Tucker editor at
Tue Feb 20 14:14:29 EST 2001

Could someone provide a critque of TWOT statements concerning SHABUA:

>>In Dan 9:24, 25, 26, 27  SHABUA denotes a period of seven years  in each
of its appearances in these four verses. This is proven by the context
wherein Daniel recognizes that the seventy-year period of captivity is
almost over. The land had been fallow for seventy years and thus repaid
the Lord the seventy sabbatical years owed to him for the prior seventy
periods of seven years (Dan 9:2; Jer 25:12; cf. 2Chr  36:21 !). Just as
Daniel is in prayer concerning this matter, the angel Gabriel appears and
informs him that Israel's restoration will not be complete until she goes
through another seventy periods-of-seven, SHABUA (Dan 9:24ff)! Note also
the apparent reference in Dan 12:1 to half of Daniel's last seventy (Dan
9:27); it is 1290 days, approximately three and a half years. Thus here it
means years.<<

Is the older translation 'weeks' appropriate? If so, why?

Is this section to be considered a 'expository midrash'? (Goldingay, 231)

Is the distinction between chronology and chronography (a stylized scheme
of history used to interpret historical data rather than arising from
them) (Goldingay, 257) appropriate here?

Are there any legitmate literary problems with verse 27 (i.e. that it was
added later, if so, why? Maccabean period?) (NIDOTTE, 4:21-22)

Does the context of chapters 7-9 help in understanding this section?

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