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In _Book of J_, Bloom posits that the female writer of J was probably
"either a princess of the Davidic royal house or else the daughter or
wife of a court personage...If J was a princess of the same house, then
she had considerable family literary tradition to inspire her." (1990,
pp. 36, 38)  While I do not share his premise of female authorship of
"J", it is not inconceivable that at least some women
of biblical times were literate, and writers.

Solomon Landers

Liz Fried wrote:

> Freedman makes a case in his Who Wrote the Torah (a case
> adopted without attribution by Bloom) for the J writer to be female.
> My question is how literate were women? How likely is it for there
> to have been women writers? It seems very unlikely to me.
> Liz
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