Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

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Tue Feb 20 05:24:18 EST 2001

| Thanks, Rolf.
| I'm in over my head here, but I thought I had seen YABE [Iota, Alpha, Beta,
| Epsilon] in the LXX.  Have I just remembered wrong?
| Charles David Isbell

Charles, I think you'll find it in the second column of Origen's Hexapla, which is the
Hebrew text transliterated into Greek. Quite often, the tetragrammaton (I can't remember
if it's universal) is transliterated as IABE. This clearly shows that that waw had
developed to a "v" sound by Origen's day since the Greek letter Beta had also developed to
a "v" sound. Modern Greek still retains this "v" sound for Beta ("veta").

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