Written by Women.???

M. Brody mbrody at earthling.net
Tue Feb 20 02:43:48 EST 2001

After reading the Song of D'vorah [Judges  5]  and seeing the words of a 
Prophetess, could you really think the other books were written by women?

Menachem Brody
Elon Moreh

At 21:25 19/02/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>Are you implying that WOMEN did not write the Hebrew Scriptures???
>Do you realize how insulting this is to females!!!.
>What about the book of Ruth???? Or Esther?
>Now, those two  are romance novels if I ever saw one----
>no MEN could have written them!!!!
>Really, I think the whole Tanach shows far too much creativity and
>to have been written by......mere MEN.

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