Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

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> In late LXX the complete greek word for ADONAI, KURIOS, was used as a
> replacement for YHWH. It is worth to note that it was not inverted
> (SOIRUK). The abbreviation KS from K(URIO)S may stand as a recognition of
> the abbreviation of Y(HW)H, as YH.
> The complete phonetic transcription: IAWE, is the samaritan pronunciation
> IAVE documented by Photius in his letter 162 to Amphiloque, which is the
> modern Iahveh, Yahveh or Yahweh.
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The samaritan pronunciation IAVE is a non sense.
The non sense of IAVE [Yahweh] comes from the fact that it is the result
of mixed origins:
A.- [1] the transliteration of the phonetic transcription of the
incomplete inverted vowels of ADONAI as IAW. [2] The greek use of W as a
transliteration for O, which is the very same letter used for the hebrew
Waw and leading to the V as a phonetic transcription and B].- [3] The
abbreviation of Y[HW]H as YH, pronounced IA. [4] the “matres lectionis”
YHW being rendered as [YH]W, [IA]V, easily extended to [YH][WH], [IA][VE],
for the Tetragrammaton.

The grouping of YHWH as YH[WH] has been demonstrated with the
decodification of the Ashkenazi Tzitzith, as follows:

The letter-number equivalency used by the Scribes consists of a natural
number assigned to each letter in a natural order: aleph = 1, beth = 2,
ghimel = 3,...Thaw = 22; the letters order is given in Psalm 119 [118]
with the “final” letters Kaph = 23, Mem = 24, Nun = 25, Phé = 26, Tsadé =
27 in Zephaniah 3,8. This code was “written” in the Tzitzith, an oral
tradition deeply bound with the Shema [Dt. 6,4].

As you can see in the above mentioned webpage, the Sephardite Tzitzith can
be expressed numerically by the number of turns of the blue thread as
10,5,6,5 which translates to y[10], h[5], w[6], h[5] that is, YHWH. The
Ashkenazi Tzitzith has 7,8,11,13 turns of the blue thread which translates
as y[10-3=7], h[5+3=8], wh[6+5=11], )xd[1+8+4=13] that is, yhwh )xd.


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