Written by Women.???

Christine Bass christinebass at home.com
Mon Feb 19 21:25:30 EST 2001

>I think that real biblical scholarship BEGINS when we take the
> various books as written by MEN,...

> Samuel Payne

Are you implying that WOMEN did not write the Hebrew Scriptures???

Do you realize how insulting this is to females!!!.
What about the book of Ruth???? Or Esther?

Now, those two  are romance novels if I ever saw one----
no MEN could have written them!!!!

Really, I think the whole Tanach shows far too much creativity and
to have been written by......mere MEN.

Frankly, I have no idea why biblical scholars would go to all the trouble
they do to study the Bible in such detail if it
is just another product of mortal MEN.....(Now if were written by
women,....well that may be another story.)

>There is, of course, the occasional passage where God is referred to in
>feminine terms.

>Samuel Payne

Where???? If there is such an "occaisonal passage" perhaps WOMEN really did
the Hebrew Scriptures.....

Yours in Confidence,


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