Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

Joe Baker joebaker at
Mon Feb 19 18:58:55 EST 2001

Hi all
I asked

 Just how do you pronounce Ieoua, iahu, iehu, etc.

Eduardo you replied

<quote> Are you asking for the pronunciation of the vowels? Vowels that are
common to all human languages? Maybe you have not recognized them </quote>

But the problem is different languages apply different sounds to a, e, i, o,
u. In English the long and short versions of the vowels bear no resemblance
to each other as the longs are mostly diphthongs. Also in English the vowel
sounds underwent a shift in the middle ages (a to e, e to i, etc) and so,
for example, the way we pronounce "e", in many words, is like the "i" in
many European languages

So again I ask how do you pronounce the above words, Are the vowels long or
short or are some diphthongs.

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