Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

Eduardo M. Acuna eacuna at
Sun Feb 18 21:27:27 EST 2001

> 4QLXXLevb translates YHWH as IAW, which is a greek phonetic transcription
> for an inverse (i.e., magic) substitution of the (incomplete) vowels of
Correction: IAW is the transliteration of the phonetic transcription IAO.
> The complete phonetic transcription of the vowels from IANODA, IAWA, was
> not used probably because it could lead common people to the knowledge of
> the magic spell, something occult reserved only for the initiated.
> The incomplete phonetic transcription of the magic spell, the inverted
> ADONAI, is probably the origin for the non pronunciation of the Name YHWH.
This explanation strongly suggests that this is the origin of the later
masoretic practice for punctuating YHWH with ADONAI´s vowels.


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