Written by the Holy Ghost?

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Sun Feb 18 22:07:59 EST 2001

The article, personal, and relative pronouns at John 14:17  referring to the spirit
are all neuter.  The masculine article is for KOSMOS (hO KOSMOS), "the world."

Solomon Landers

Liz Fried wrote:

> Dear Raymond,
>  You wrote:
> >
> > Dear Harold,
> >
> > Check the following reference: Acts 2:4b: TO pneuma edidou ...
> >
> > As far as I know Greek --this is the B-Hebrew list, so I dare to
> > say :-) --
> > the is neuter, or am I wrong?
> The article is always neuter, but Harold is right at least in GJohn 14:17
> to which I turned at random. The article is neuter, but then the relative
> pronoun is ho, masculine. This strikes me as odd and ungrammatical,
> but right, I could be wrong.
> Liz

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