Written by the Holy Ghost?

Liz Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Sun Feb 18 19:00:56 EST 2001

> From: Harold R. Holmyard III [mailto:hholmyard at ont.com]
> Dear Liz,
> You wrote:
> >The article is always neuter, but Harold is right at least in GJohn 14:17
> >to which I turned at random. The article is neuter, but then the relative
> >pronoun is ho, masculine. This strikes me as odd and ungrammatical,
> >but right, I could be wrong.
> I think you are wrong here, Liz. The relative pronoun hO in John 14:17 is
> neuter.
You're right! I dragged out my Greek morphology.
os is the masculine.
The auto is also neuter, right? so then the holy spirit is referred to here
in the neuter, as it should be.
So then why did you say it was referred to in the masculine?
I'm confused.
But perhaps this isn't relevant, as Jim said.
> 			Yours,
> 			Harold Holmyard
> 			Dallas, TX
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