Written by the Holy Ghost?

Liz Fried lizfried at umich.edu
Sun Feb 18 17:54:50 EST 2001

 i realize i am senile and dense and incoherently dull... but what exactly
> does this thread have to do with either biblical hebrew or the purpose of
> the list?

We had been talking about whether the NT translates the OT correctly.
This is far afield, I realize, but it strikes me that the concept of 
God's spirit (if that's what the Holy Ghost is, and actually I'm clueless)
is completely different in the NT from what it is in the OT.  The OT 
writers didn't feel compelled to masculinize a word with a feminine
gender.  The concept seems to have undergone a huge transformation.
But maybe everyone knows that -- except me. I had thought it was the ruaH. 
Anyway, the conceptual world of the NT writers seems very different,
so -- getting back to the earlier conversation -- one should keep this
in mind when using NT translations to get at a Hebrew text. 


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