Help on differences between BH & MH

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Sun Feb 18 15:40:53 EST 2001

> I'd like to thank all the people who responded to my request regarding
> "Mishnaic" Hebrew both on and off the list, both linguistic pointers and
> bibliographic indications.
> Here are the latter:
> Delitzsch's commentary on Ecclesiastes

> Fernández, M.P., (Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew)
> Garbini, Giovanni, Canticle  -- analysis of the Hebrew
> Hurvitz, Avi, dissertation: beyn lashon lelashon [The Transition
>    Period in Biblical Hebrew], Jerusalem: Mossad Bialiq, 1972.
> Japhet, Sara, I & II Chronicles, London, SCM Press, 1993.
> Joüon, Paul, _Le Cantique des Cantiques_, Paris, 1909.
> Kalimi, Isaac, The Books of Chronicles: A Classified Bibliography,
>    Jerusalem, Simor, 1990.
> Polzin, Robert, Late Biblical Hebrew: Toward an Historical
>    Typology of Biblical Hebrew Prose, Harvard Semitic Museum, 1976
> Qimron, E., DJD X -- his analysis of the Hebrew of MMT.
> Rendsburg, G., 'Late Biblical Hebrew and the Date of  "P"',
>    JANES 12, 1980
> Sáenz-Badillos, A., A History of the Hebrew Language, Cambridge:
>    CUP, 1993
> Segal, M.H., (Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew)
Add to this Moshe Bar Asher, "Mishnaic Hebrew: an Introductory 
Survey" in the 1999 issue of Hebrew Studies, beginning on p. 115.

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