Help on differences between BH & MH

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sun Feb 18 15:10:59 EST 2001

I'd like to thank all the people who responded to my request regarding
"Mishnaic" Hebrew both on and off the list, both linguistic pointers and
bibliographic indications.

Here are the latter:

Delitzsch's commentary on Ecclesiastes
Fernández, M.P., (Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew)
Garbini, Giovanni, Canticle  -- analysis of the Hebrew
Hurvitz, Avi, dissertation: beyn lashon lelashon [The Transition
   Period in Biblical Hebrew], Jerusalem: Mossad Bialiq, 1972.
Japhet, Sara, I & II Chronicles, London, SCM Press, 1993.
Joüon, Paul, _Le Cantique des Cantiques_, Paris, 1909.
Kalimi, Isaac, The Books of Chronicles: A Classified Bibliography,
   Jerusalem, Simor, 1990.
Polzin, Robert, Late Biblical Hebrew: Toward an Historical
   Typology of Biblical Hebrew Prose, Harvard Semitic Museum, 1976
Qimron, E., DJD X -- his analysis of the Hebrew of MMT.
Rendsburg, G., 'Late Biblical Hebrew and the Date of  "P"',
   JANES 12, 1980
Sáenz-Badillos, A., A History of the Hebrew Language, Cambridge:
   CUP, 1993
Segal, M.H., (Grammar of Mishnaic Hebrew)

I won't have much chance to chase some of these up, but there are sufficient
to keep me busy during the week!

As a brief explanation of my interest in the subject, I hope to be giving a
paper at the international SBL conference in Rome in July regarding my
dating for the depositing of the Dead Sea Scrolls in 64/63 BCE. One of the
complaints I will probably have to deal with is an argument based on texts
such as the Copper Scroll, described as written in Mishnaic Hebrew,
indicating a late date for the deposit or abandonment of the scrolls. I know
that such an argument is not particularly solid, but I need to be
sufficiently in control of the subject to respond on it.

Thanks again to all responders.



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