Deuteronomy 7: 6-9

Christine Bass christinebass at
Sun Feb 18 14:07:03 EST 2001

In regards to Deuteronomy 7: 6-9; I am researching scriptural references
for the everlasting nature of the covenant.

I am just getting my thoughts organized, but so far I am working with the

Genesis 12:2-3,  15:17,  17:7-8


Jeremiah 31:37

Nehemiah 9: 31-32

Romans 11:1, 2

I will be discussing this information in a class with a debate format and
class participation next week.
So I don't want to miss anything obvious.

With all of you Hebrew Scripture experts on line,  I thought I
would put my hand out and ask for insights as to what other
references might be pertinent.

Please feel free to respond to me personally.

Thanks in advance,

Christine Bass

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