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Samuel Payne sam at
Sat Feb 17 03:42:36 EST 2001

> but they can never alter or reinterpret the meaning of a passage.

So Paul NEVER alters or reinterprets his quotations from the Hebrew? How
about Psalm 68.18 'Thou hast RECEIVED gifts among men' quoted in Ephesians
4.8 as 'And he GAVE gifts unto men.'?

Every version from the Hebrew, through the LXX and the Vulgate, to all
modern versions I have ever seen read the Psalm in that way.

He also claims that the Israelites were baptised "into Moses" (1 Cor. 10.2)
so as to be able to draw a parallel with his ideas of baptism "into" Jesus.
But the claim is completely false. There is no such idea in the account in

There are other cases, but a couple of examples is all that is needed to
disprove a 'NEVER'. If you claim that Ephesians is not by Paul, well it
certainly claims to be! And it is certainly part of the Christian scriptures

It is better not to make so many wild assertions that are so easily
disproved - particularly among critical scholars. It draws attention to
one's faulty logic and discredits the other things one stands for. The
alternative, of course, is the excellent solution of the great scholar,
Albert Schweitzer. When he found he was unable to find a satisfactory
"historical Jesus" academically, he became a third world missionary instead.
The natives didn't argue with him, or question his interpretations.

Samuel Payne

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