Help on differences between BH & MH

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Japhet, Sara, I & II Chronicles, London, SCM Press, 1993.
Kalimi, Isaac, The Books of Cgronicles: A Classified Bibliography,
Jerusalem, Simor, 1990.

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> I was wondering if anyone could help me with regard to those features of
> books like Canticles and Ecclesiastes that lead some people to call the
> Hebrew in them proto-Mishnaic Hebrew. Of the few features I've read about,
> $l can be found in Ct in place of '$r l-, but, of a quick browse for
> nunation rather than mimation to indicate masc. plur., I could see no
> examples. What other linguistic items should I be looking for? (I'm trying
> to evaluate a dating argument regarding the Copper Scroll which wants to
> that text as extremely late based on the form of Hebrew.)
> Thanks,
> Ian
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