Is this a rock or not? I Would like to know

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Thu Feb 15 22:14:09 EST 2001

> Dave Washburn wrote:
> >
> > Do you realize how insulting it is to people who ARE Christian to
> > insist that our viewpoint is not entitled to equal time in a discussion
> > of the HB?  Or do you not care?
> >
> This is not a list for airing theological viewpoints, Jewish, Christian, or
> Muslim, fundamentalist, evangelical, Orthodox or otherwise.
> It is a list for the scholarly discussion of the Hebrew Bible, and I hope it
> remains so.
> However, at times Biblical Hebrew does sink into disputation. For this
> reason, some of my coleagues refuse to subscribe to this list, preferring
> the ANE List instead, where the moderator makes short shrift of anyone who
> dares preach his faith to the academic community.
> It might be a good idea to adopt such a policy on this list as well.

The big question is, where do we draw the line?  And what sorts of 
criteria are used to decide?  I would prefer to err on the side of 
open discussion, but that's just me.

Dave Washburn
"No study of probabilities inside a given frame can ever
tell us how probable it is that the frame itself can be
violated."  C. S. Lewis

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