Mesha Stele and the Tetragrammaton

Joe Baker joebaker at
Thu Feb 15 19:23:26 EST 2001

Hi all

with regards to Eduardo saying

<quote> the most likely pronunciation of YHWH is: Ieoua </quote>

and Rolf saying

<quote> IAW  probably stands for /iahu/, /iehu/, /iaho/ or /ieho/ </quote>

Just how do you pronounce Ieoua, iahu, iehu, etc.,

Provided answers to be in IPA, or at least give the IPA names for the letter
sounds (ie voiced bilabial fricative - BTW the B, in Greek, IABE would in
late Roman times be pronounced like this, as it merged with U (=W) which had
also became a voiced bilabial fricative).

BTW is Ieoua legal in Scrabble?

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