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on 2/15/01 12:52 PM, Jonathan D. Safren wrote:

> However, at times Biblical Hebrew does sink into disputation. For this
> reason, some of my coleagues refuse to subscribe to this list, preferring
> the ANE List instead, where the moderator makes short shrift of anyone who
> dares preach his faith to the academic community.
> It might be a good idea to adopt such a policy on this list as well.
> Sincerfely,
> Jonathan D. Safren
> Chairman
> Dept. of Biblical Studies
> Beit Berl College
> 44905 Israel

Dr. Safren,

Secularism is a faith position like any other. You will not get away from it
on the ANE list or any other list. The old myth the secular biblical studies
is objective has been thoroughly debunked but a lot of university professors
have not yet heard the news and continue to promote this fiction. The idea
that "secularism" is a safe haven from ideology is being systematically
dismantled in hard sciences but the biblical studies folks don't seem to be
paying attention. They are still living in the good old days when the
"secularism" was given a free ride and was declared off limits from
criticism. These days are over with. "Secularism" has been unmasked as the
state religion of most of the western world. Like all state religions it is
excessively repressive and leads to thought control and speech police.

What we are seeing on this list is an attempt to silence challenges to the
state religion.  You might as well get used to these challenges. They are
not going to stop. 


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