Is this a rock or not? I Would like to know

Charles David Isbell cisbell at
Thu Feb 15 15:58:44 EST 2001

Dear Cindy, to your assertion ["I believe New Testament interpretations of
the Hebrew Scriptures are just as valid as Talmudic interpretations of the
Hebrew Scriptures.  In other words, Christian interpretations are just as
valid as  modern Jewish interpretations."], I say Amen and of course.  So
let's discuss Christian interpretations on lists devoted to Christianity and
the NT and Talmudic opinions on lists for rabbinics and Talmud.   Dave is
100% correct that NT views of the OT and Quranic views of both the NT and
the OT form part of the history of the interpretation of each.  This list is
not devoted, as I understand it, to the history of interpretation of the
Hebrew Scriptures, but to Biblical Hebrew.  I will gladly stand corrected if
I have misunderstood.   To say that the NT or early Christianity or even a
modern sect of Christianity understands a BH passage in a particular way is
not offensive to me at all, and I have not implied that it is.  What I
reacted to was the flat assertion that a NT reading of a BH passage can
"prove" the meaning of the prior literature.

To Dave,
I simply hit "Reply ALL."  Why you got two versions I have no idea.  I only
sent one message each time.
Further, I will join you in making this my last posting on the subject.  I
am certain that list readers have a clear idea of what each of us believes
based on the messages we have already sent.  I am glad you are receiving
private confirmation of your position.  So am I.  Is this a contest?
Be well.
Charles David Isbell

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